Taylor Jay Martin's

First Photo Album

Conceived Summer Solstice 2000
Received St. Patrick's Day 2001 at 6:43pm
Weight 10 Pounds, 2 Ounces
Length 21 1/2 Inches

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This is when Taylor's adventure began... Ross and Kym's wedding day on Summer Solstice 2000
(June 21st) in Kauai, Hawaii.
We posed for this picture after our sunset ceremony on the beach as we pondered what this new beginning would bring. Little did we know that we would return from our honeymoon with a stowaway!


The proud parents-to-be
get ready for the Big Day
(March 17th, 2001) at
Brigham and Women's Hospital
in Boston, Massachusetts

(Mom's starting to think this is
going to be a BIG baby!)

Fresh out of the oven!

Mom's doing great!

Proud Papa and Taylor in the OR.

Taylor takes his first peek at the world.

Mom and baby
share a moment
on Taylor's birthday.

Hands to hold for a lifetime...

Taylor has Daddy's ears.

You can e-mail Taylor at taylor@rossmartinmd.com.

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