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Coming Home

For My Love, Kym...

Another early risin’
Sun’ll soon hit the horizon
’Nother day begun
And that’s all right with me
The world keeps sleepin’
There’s nothing but me ’n you ’n
Our little one
Still dreaming peacefully

And though it’s just another day
It always seems a little more
I’ve got this feeling deep inside
One I’ve never known before

It feels like coming home

Pulling in the station
It’s time for tracin’
My way back home
To end another day
I find our boy beaming
Is it real or am I dreaming
’Cause I swear he’s grown
Since just yesterday

And as I wash away the world
And settle in for the night
I fall into my baby’s arms
And everything is right

It feels like coming home

Some may wonder
What keeps this wandering troubadour
From traveling far and wide
The adventure of a lifetime
Is right here by my side

Another Sunday mornin’
The covers are warm ’n
We’re laying low
Sunday Times puzzlin’
Or maybe some Sunday nuzzlin’
You never know

And as the laugh lines ’round our eyes
Grow deep to catch our tears
We’ll look back on our lives
And embrace those early years

When we first came home
When we came home
Baby, I’m coming home

2002 Ross D. Martin

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