"Multi-preneurial." "Multi-talented." "Paradoxical." "Scattered." "Schizophrenic."

Friends have tried to describe me and my multiple passions to others using these descriptors. "Well, yes, used to practice medicine, but that was a millenium ago. He consults on health information exchange, health IT policy, and other geeky topics, usually around Washington, DC, but sometimes he plays his music in coffee houses or conferences or posts these odd medical informatimusicology videos on YouTube. And I think he's taking a sabbatical to work on some new musical or novel or something. Frankly, I can hardly keep up with it all."

Admittedly, it's a little confusing -- even to me sometimes. I've spent my life spinning plates, trying to fulfill as many dreams as I can during this brief encounter with the world while still maintaining a sense of humor.

Here you will find more than you might care to know about my life and work. I've tried to organize it all in a way that is at least vaguely comprehensible. But my endeavors are a little too enmeshed to be boxed in discrete categories. I don't check my creativity at the door when I work on a business or computer project. You may need to cross some lines to get the big picture.

Places you can find my stuff include this website, www.MissRainsong.com, and www.ACMImimi.org.

Read as much as you like. Tell me what you think. Life is so much more interesting with good dialogue.