This is my modern-day answer to "A Bridge Over Troubled Waters." 

It's three a.m. – another call from a payphone
Desperately seeking rescue
It's us versus them – or so I am told
As you drag me into this mess with you
Help me – won't you help me, help me please –
You cry out on your knees

You say it's an emergency – baby, I don't see no fire
Your cry professes urgency while you're hanging out on a wire
You make your life a constant crisis
Then demand more sacrifices
I can see you find ecstasy in the chaos you require

Another night, another call, another do or die deal
In the eye of a hurricane
I feel your last time promises reeling me in
I wonder which of us is more insane
Save me – just this one more, one more time –
My life is on the line


Slow down – there's another way to live
Calm down – something's gonna have to give
Slow down – you're gonna have to let it go
Calm down – just pull back and take it slow
Slow down – take it one day at a time
Calm down – you'll be back to feeling fine
Instead you spend your energy on giving me the third degree
But then you never seem to see your Crisis Life is killing me

Call someone who cares
Call someone who cares
Call 9 – 1 – 1

– © 1998 Ross D. Martin, MD