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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Yes We Did!

This is a time to look forward, to move to a new place for our nation in this world. We have an incredible amount of healing to do - healing our economy, our relationships with other nations and peoples, of the sould of this amazing country.

As tough of a race as it has been, the work is just ahead of us. I am humbled to think that today we did what could not be done - one person at a time.

I made calls for Obama yesterday in Santa Monica, taking a few hours off from my business trip here to play a bit part in this massive effort. I spoke with many first-time voters in Colorado and North Carolina - some who had questions about exactly what to do on election day and many in North Carolina who had taken advantage of early voting to make their voice heard. One woman, was voting for the first time at the age of 49. It was the first election where she felt that her vote really mattered. She was right; as of this writing (12:28am ET), the winner of the state's 15 electoral votes is still undeclared - less than 14,000 votes of the more than 4 million cast separate the two candidates.

Many I spoke with were ready to stand in line for as long as it took to proudly - proudly - cast their ballot for Barack Obama. Some were tired of hearing from strangers interrupting their day with another call; but more were encouraging - thanking me for putting time in to make a difference. This is why I think today's results will turn into significant action: People - we the people - are ready to go to work to support our new president and make change a reality.

I will never forget this night.

Now let's get to work...

Hi Ross,

Ran into your blog via Plaxo. Good stuff! I just returned from an all-night election event in Amsterdam. Yes, even with a 6 hour time difference this was big enough to have a few hundred people gather in a theatre, to listen to interviews with local politicians and watch news reports from CNN. It's no surprise that, with 90+% of the Dutch supporting Obama, there were big cheers when it became clear he won. A historic night, with only one downside: I just came home and have to be at a work appointment in 1 hour! So I'm taking your 'let's get to work' very seriously;-). Congratulations!

Tom de Jong


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