New Year's 2007

Put on a HAPPY NEW YEAR Face!

Taylor's New Year's Letter for 2007

It’s Two Thousand Seven and quick as a wink
New Year's was over before you could blink!
I wish I could tell you it started off great
But I got really sick off of something I ate
Or maybe from some kind of bug or the flu
Whatever it was, I’m sure glad that it’s through!

Now that I’m better, I’m finally sending
My annual card to announce last year’s ending
And give you a clue about me and my folks
Or tickle your tummy with old knock-knock jokes
Who knows what I’ll tell you before I am done
But one thing’s for sure – it’ll be lots of fun

I've got the coolest Mom!


Two Thousand and Six was a doozey for sure
My mom started work as an entrepreneur
She launched a new business called “Family in Training”*
That teaches nutrition and fitness maintaining
It’s so cool to see her help others get healthy
And perhaps, if we’re lucky, she’ll help us get wealthy!

Dad is still trekking the country to see
How to make healthcare better by using IT
At Pfizer, he joined a new crackerjack crew
To transform the way they make new drugs just for you
He wrote some fun songs and performed a few shows
(He swears he won’t quit his day job, but who knows!)



Superheroes Business Man and
Pirate Frog on Halloween

Taylor in Uncle Dave's Hand-Built Plane, the Sweet Melissa

As for me – I’m still smiling and having a blast
Kindergarten is great and I’m growing up fast
I make storybooks I read all by myself
Come and read one with me – there’s a stack on my shelf
When you’re here, we’ll play Sorry! or some other game
Or sing silly songs – you’ll be so glad you came!

Life is too short to be sitting around
So stop by for a visit next time you’re in town
I’ll bake cookies just like my Mom taught me to do
They’re not only tasty – they’re good for you too
Then we’ll raise our milk glasses and shout out a cheer:
Hip!  Hip!  Hooray!  It’s a...

Happy New Year!


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