New Year's 2006

Taylor's New Year's 2006 Letter

Yes, itís hard to believe Ė your mindís not playing tricks
In the blink of an eye weíve hit Two Thousand Six!
I hope youíll forgive me for not doing better
Itís been three whole years since my last New Yearís letter
Iíve so much to tell you Ė so much you should know
Enough with the howdy-ing Ė on with the show!

The biggest news headline from í04?  No doubt:
Marylandís In; Connecticutís Out
We moved down to Germantown Ė outside DC
For Dadís work on standards for healthcare IT

My Mom, too, is making a difference here
By making the cancer survivorís plight* clear
And now she is only a few months away
From completing the coursework for her MBA

Me?  Iíve been growing and learning to share
And playing and making new friends everywhere
I retired from modeling after the move
(DC doesnít have the same Manhattan groove)
I wonít miss the work, thoí Iíll miss Momís huge smile
When she first saw my face down a ToysíRíUs aisle


Wow!  That's me on that Weebles Box!

Taylor and "Cool Daddy" Martin do a show at NCPDP in Phoenix, AZ,
March 2005.  Note the excellent mike positioning.  He's a pro!

There are just a couple of scary things lurking
Grandpaís real sick and my kidneyís not working
Iím going to have surgery sometime next week
Your prayers and thoughts I most earnestly seek
They say Iíll be better in no time at all
Iíll get right back to playing and having a ball

Iíll be ready for visitors soon Ė have no fear
So letís stay in touch Ė have a
Happy New Year!

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