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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Lots of silence since my last blog. Blame it on my last one - the Baby Rap. Taylor came in at 10 lbs. 2 oz. and has been growing ever since. Daddy took a real job at Pfizer to deal with needing things like health insurance and formula. Can it be that more than 2 1/2 years have passed? I guess I can sum it all up with this song I wrote a few weeks ago...

Cool Daddy

Since my early days I have tried to find ways to fit in with the happening crew
But whatever my plot, cool I was not Ė didnít matter what Iíd do
I was always on the outside Ė every day just another blow to my pride
And to tell the truth I was a total goof Ė itís trueÖ Boohoo!

Fast forward to now and Iíll tell you how this Big Daddy came to rule
I was handed a son but was nearly undone by Sippy Cups, diapers and drool
But as my boy began to grow in time I came to know
To my surprise in my sonís eyes Iím COOL!

Because I can blow bubbles and I can juggle three balls
I can fix him a snack Ė let him ride on my back
I even let him scribble on the bathtub walls
I can laugh like Tigger (Hoo hoo hoo hoo!) Ė make a splash in the pool
To the rest of the crowd I ainít too proud to admit I play the fool
But too my son Iím the King of Fun ícause Iím a Daddy kind of cool!

Now every day in most every way we stick together like glue
And after his nap heíll get up on my lap when itís time to watch The Book of Pooh
He thinks that Iím a rock star when he sees me strumming on my guitar
And Iím a happening cat when I Jungle Book scat like King Louie and BalooÖ
(or, when heís old enough to sing along: And weíre happening cats when we Jungle Book scatÖ)

Hey! Da-zop bah no-dey! Hot ta-dee gla-na-da dot don nohn! Hen-a-ba-ba-det doot zah-bah doo-bo day ga-bom, pa-do be-day, za-bohn, za-bop bop bah-bey! Hab a doo dee! With a reep bon nah-zah! Heb-a doh bah-doy! With a lah bah zee-nee! Whadíll-a-dup! Vhoodíll-a-bup! Zeedíll dop! Zoo-dee! Oooo! Ooooh! Eeeee! Eeeee! EeeeeÖ

ÖAnd so you see-he-he Ė He wants to be like me-he-he
And though itís clear to everyone here Iím really quite the fool
So what I canít recall a single Beatles song
I can name every Wiggle and sing along
At least for a while heís hip to my style
Iím as hep as they get with the tricycle set
I said to my son Iím A-Number-One
íCause Iím a Daddy kind of cool
Iím a Daddy kind of cool!

© 2003 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA


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