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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Here's a thought: Let's say you want to be known as the person who coined the phrase [put your original thought here]. How do you establish ownership of an original turn of phrase the way "telecosm" has been attributed to George Guilder or the dreaded "paradigm shift" to Thomas Kuhn? Would publishing to a Blog be sufficient? It beats paying the Writer's Guild of America ten bucks to register something - only to have it last for 10 years before they pitch it. But Blogs are editable. Can the publish dates be altered? Is there a place to archive original thoughts that establish proof of ownership?

Here's one for you: What should we call the Guilders and Kuhns of the world? "Coin Droppers".

And another, based on a prediction I have about where digital imaging advances will take our society. There is already a widespread belief - especially in Germany - that the WTC attack of 9/11 was all fakery. I predict that in the next 10-15 years we will see a rash of such cynicism in the world as our ability to digitally create or alter reality becomes so indistinguishable from that reality that there will be a growing sense among otherwise rational people that much of what they experience or are told is fact is just a mirage. The Matrix is real; history is false; that sort of thing. What do you call this phenomenon? Digicism. Remember, you read it here first. Unless none of this is real... hmm...


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