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Sunday, November 19, 2000
Another day, still no President-elect. I'm starting to not mind it so much. The rest of my life is in limbo (the new company I'm helping to found is still searching for that ever-important next round of funding), so why not share the feelings of uncertainty with the rest of the nation?

The stock market hardly knows what to do with itself. Pundits always say that the market hates uncertaintly. That's always seemed funny to me because uncertainty is what makes it possible to have a stock market in the first place. If everyone had perfect knowledge of each company's performance, there would be no need for a market; stocks would have a solid value, like that of currency.

At some point, we all get comfortable enough with the idea that life is pretty much an unpredictable phenomenon. Some shroud that unpredictability under a cloud of denial, saying life doesn't change, life changes but I can control it, or life changes because of intervention from a higher power. The higher power issue aside for a moment, it seems pretty outrageous to say that we have much control at all about anything except our response to what is happening around us.


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